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Career Matters - We see things different

We think differently!
We see things differently!

Today’s parents are bombarded with guilt and pressure about how to raise their children and set them up for success in the world of work. We’ve experienced this too.

But now we see things differently, and with our skills and experience, we are encouraging parents to think differently about how they raise their children.


Wednesday 31st July at 7:15pm

Bishopdale Community Centre Hall



7:00pm Doors open and meet the hosts

7:15pm The event will begin

Amanda and Tracey will take you through their stories and why they see things differently based on their experiences. There will be audience exercises and opportunities to learn practical, realistic strategies to enhance your parenting approach.

8:15pm Q&A

8:30pm Free refreshments and a chance to talk to Amanda or Tracey one-to-one

A Career Expert, Coach and Strategist who is revolutionising the way young adults explore their career options, with modern thinking, an unapologetic advocacy for today’s graduates and through building a productive partnership with parents and their children.


Tracey Beard - Career Expert, Coach and Strategist

An Expansion Coach with innovation at the forefront of her vast educational knowledge, believes passionately that thinking is the key to everything. Her outgoing and engaging nature captures people’s attention while her ability to challenge individuals to wake up to what is possible for their lives is a gentle caress.

Amanda Staniford - Expansion Coach

Tracey Beard

Amanda Staniford

This event is for you if:

  • You have a child aged from 5-25.

  • You want to learn modern, practical tools for bringing out the best in your child, addressing behavioural issues and putting them in the right frame of mind to learn and grow.

  • You need support in helping your child to explore their career options, while maintaining a positive relationship with them and removing the stress that parents often feel during this process.

Join us on Wednesday night, where we will show you a new perspective on navigating challenges and exploring career options for your children.


You don’t have to keep repeating the mistakes of the past.

Kids Matter NZ

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Tracey Beard



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