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Career Quick Start Package

Get a clear plan, quickly, to feel confident in your career choices

Get started on the right career path, quickly

You want to have a clear plan for your future career. And you want the confidence that comes with knowing you've made the right career choice. 
The Career Quick Start Package is fast, affordable and will get you started on the right path, quickly.

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Clear career path options

Confidently navigate the next stages of learning

Choose a fulfilling career path

Your Career Quick Start Package


Career profile questionnaire

Complete the comprehensive online career assessment and uncover your strengths, hidden talents, personality traits, interests, preferences, and personal work style.


Individual career report

I'll review your questionnaire and produce an 8-page personalised career report based on your results. 


45-minute coaching session

You'll be able to book a coaching session via Zoom, and then get your report so you can make your career choices with confidence.

Three steps to career confidence

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The career search process is straightforward - you receive a link and complete an online questionnaire, which takes about 30 minutes.

It is not a test. It's an inventory of what you think you might like to do in the workplace, what aspects of work appeal to you, how you like to work. It helps uncover your strengths, hidden talents, personality traits, interests, preferences, and personal work style.

There are no right or wrong answers and I don't make any judgement. This questionnaire just helps to find out what is unique about you, so that you can find the career that fits your personality and interests.

This questionnaire shows us bigger issues about who you are, helping you to make the right choice about who you want to be. And how success at choosing the right career path can bring fulfilment across all aspects of your life.

Get on the right path, quickly


Book a free call or buy now

Book a free discovery call to talk your choices over, or just go ahead and buy your pack now.


Download your questionnaire

Find out who you are, so you can decide what you want to be. After clicking Buy Now & Purchasing, you'll get a PDF with the customised link to access the questionnaire, along with instructions.


Book your 45-minute coaching session

You will be sent a diary link to book your 45-minute Zoom coaching session, after which you will received your 8-page personalised report along with a tip sheet to help you make decisions based on the results. 

$227 + GST

Fast, affordable and fact-based information, to give you career clarity and confidence.

What a fantastic tool for all young students/adults. Tracey was very helpful and explained everything about the results in clear detail.

My daughter and I found that this was a true reflection of our initial thoughts and this has very much confirmed it for us. We feel that we have something solid to work with in terms of what pathway she can now pursue in her schooling and career choices.

Rona T

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