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Hi, I'm Tracey

I can give you the solutions to feel happy, engaged and on the right path to career fulfilment.

Choose the right career path

If you're like many of my clients you're feeling overwhelmed and confused about choosing the right career path. 

They find that just looking at what subjects they like, or what careers intrigue them isn’t enough to give them the clarity they need about their career path. 

They want facts that help them to make a decision. Facts based on their strengths, hidden talents, personality traits, interests, preferences, and personal work style.

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The integrative career coaching we offer at Career Matters gives you the space and support to:

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Check mark in a circle
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Make career choices for the right reasons

Confidently navigate the next stages of learning

Be clear about your career path options

Look forward to a rewarding career

Why is our career choice such a big issue?

A career choice isn’t just about a salary or something to do with our time. It’s influenced by how we feel about ourselves and how we see our place in the world. Young adults need relevant and up to date tools and advice about their career and study options. And parents and schools just aren’t equipped to provide this.

Each young adult that isn’t fulfilling their purpose, doing their best work or feeling that satisfied by what they’re doing impacts their family, community, workplace and New Zealand as a whole. So when they succeed, we all succeed.

Choosing the right career path helps build a firm foundation for positive mental health and well-being.

Photographer being confident in her career choice.

It shouldn’t be this hard to get clear support and information for you to be confident in making decisions for your future career.

Tracey Beard at Career Matters

Over the years I've provided solutions that have helped many students and their families feel confident about life after school.

School exams, career choices and how we apply for jobs has all changed. It’s a different ball park. All this makes us feel overwhelmed with the enormity of the decisions that lie ahead. We can freeze at the information-overload, and calm goes out the window. 

As parents we feel the need to be prepared so we can be the best support crew for our child.

Putting your young person first, I use information about what interests them in the world of work, then use these facts to help guide them about career and study choices that suit them. Not their parents, school or me. I know that choosing your future career options is as much about self-esteem and confidence as it is about fitting with your skills and experiences.

I understand what it’s like to watch your children go through this process, which is why I’ve used my skills in leadership development and my background as a career and executive coach to help you get the information you need for your children.

You can feel confident in the career and study choices you’re making

Imagine feeling happy, engaged and motivated that your future career path is sorted. You’ve got a purpose and a clear plan for how to get there. And you know that your path is one that fulfils many different aspects of your personality, personal drivers, learning styles and working goals.

The confidence that comes with knowing your career path is clear will bring confidence in all aspects of your life. 

A few weeks ago we were at a loss as to how to help our 17 year-old daughter find the ‘right path’ to follow in terms of her career. It was getting her down and she had no clue what to to.

She had gone to careers advisors at school but this just didn’t seem to help too much. I contacted Tracey and thanks to her and her incredible process and testing she did with my daughter she is now following exactly the right path for her.

And the change is astonishing. It has saved us probably thousands of dollars in Uni fees, and years of unhappiness for my daughter.

Relieved Kiwi mum

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