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Get clear about life after school and university in New Zealand

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New Zealand school students

Get clear on the NCEAs, tertiary study and career options you have for life after school.

New Zealand tertiary students

Need help if you're second-guessing your study choices?

First time job hunters

Confidently apply for jobs after school or university.

Get clear and confident on your future career

Career Quick Starter

Get a clear plan, quickly, to feel confident in your career choices

Career Explorer

Get a clear plan and a coaching session to help you put it into action

Career Visibility

Get all you need to land your first job - a written CV to interview skills

Three steps to career confidence

Schedule a free discovery call and we can talk about how career coaching can support young New Zealanders make confident career choices.

What's right for you?

Using a comprehensive career assessment we'll uncover your strengths, hidden talents, personality traits, interests and personal work style.

Feel confident

Walk away with a clear career plan that will have you feeling confident and motivated about the right career path for you.

FAQ about Career Matters

Look through the answers to the most popular questions from my clients. Didn’t find what you need? You can always email your question and I will get in touch with you shortly.

  • What tools do you use to help students?

    I use a powerful, contemporary and proven career search questionnaire that is suitable for 16+ year olds. This questionnaire isn’t a test! It’s an inventory of the things you like and don’t like doing, so there is no right or wrong answer. And the information in your results tells me so much about the career path that suits you best. The thing I love about the career search questionnaire is that you are telling me what is most exciting to you in the world of work (not your parents, or school, or me!)

  • What knowledge do you have about tertiary courses in New Zealand?

    I keep up to date with NZ tertiary courses across polytechnics and universities, so we can explore a suitable course for you, during our career coaching session. But I won’t suggest going to University just because the first year is free or because your parents think a degree “is something to fall back on”. Based on your results, a mix of study/work might work for you, or a certificate/diploma might be sufficient to get you into that job that you love. I keep open to the possibilities that your results show and my only aim is to identify a path that makes you happy.

  • Can you help with scholarship applications or CVs for Halls etc?

    Yes. While it’s not part of the Career Explorer Package, I can suggest some key information from your career profile that could support your application. Or, if you want me to help you with those applications from scratch, my Career Visibility Package could work for you. I know the New Zealand job market; I’m experienced in crafting CVs and can advise on internship applications too.

  • My child has health or learning issues; can you help him/her to explore their career options?

    I can help in this area. Regardless of health or learning issues, we all have interests in the world of work that are identified through my career exploration questionnaire. Then, based on the results, we overlay your child’s personal circumstances such as academic ability, personal preferences, health/learning needs and any other challenges you are facing. A career path must be practical and realistic, not one that only works in theory. 

  • Can you help my child get motivated about high school?

    Absolutely. This is a key outcome from my career questionnaire. I know that 3 years of NCEA can feel like a long process. When you know your career path from the results of the questionnaire, you can see where all this is leading. I encourage each student to stay true to themselves, based on the results, embrace their uniqueness and get excited about their future. When you know where you are going then you can see that high school is a stepping stone to this, so you can get busy ticking it off.

  • Can you help them pick their subjects for Year 12 or 13?

    For those students that complete my career questionnaire in Year 11, one great outcome from the results is that we can see which subjects best align with your career path. Based on your school’s list of available subjects, we can make a plan for which subjects suit you and then you don’t have to worry about making the wrong choice. If you complete the career questionnaire in Year 12, we can explore your subject list for Year 13 instead.

  • Can you advise on the best tertiary institute for the course my child wants to take?

    Your career search report identifies clearly which type of tertiary institute suits your interests and the way you like to work. And then I can advise the best institute for your study choice and your personal circumstances. For example, you may want to study near your family, or you may be keen to study away from your hometown in order to build your independence. The other thing I explore through the coaching session is your motivation level for tertiary study; if you are showing limited excitement for tertiary study, then let’s explore that and see if taking a gap year (or semester) might help you.

  • My child wants to take a gap year after school; can you help them plan this?

    A gap year can be very helpful for some students and their career exploration report gives us a clear idea about this. For some students, by the time they have completed NCEA Level 3 they are needing a break from study! Or they might have health, personal or other challenges that need to be addressed before starting work or a tertiary course. I can help a student structure their gap year so that it is empowering, relevant and purposeful, in order to produce clear insights from the gap year experience. It’s important to have a plan so that the gap year doesn’t turn into a gap decade!

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