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  1. Career Matters ('The Supplier") and the client ("The Client" being the adult responsible for contract payment) will agree a GST inclusive price for the selected coaching package, prior to commencing the coaching programme.

  2. The Client agrees to make payment for the coaching contract within 21 days of completion of the coaching programme.

  3. Any dispute or amendment of the coaching package price must be resolved before the coaching programme begins.

  4. The Supplier commits to ensuring the services delivered are as specified in the Coaching Package documentation.

  5. Any invoices unpaid after 30 days following the completion of the coaching programme will be passed to a debt collection for action against The Client. Any costs incurred in debt collection will be the responsibility of The Client.

  6. The Supplier will not use The Client's personal information or data for any purposes other than required by the Coaching Package, such as ordering a career search questionnaire in the The Client's name (or in the name of the child of The Client seeking career coaching). 

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