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This is what my clients have said:

"Thanks so much for today. Best money I have spent in a long while :-)  


My daughter finds it a challenge to open up to people but you managed to get her interacting.....which was great!!!


She liked you and your approach. She is excited about her future and motivated to getting herself a more fulfilling job.


It has reconfirmed what she knew deep in her heart but now knows where it can take her. "

"What a fantastic tool for all young students/adults. Tracey was very helpful and explained everything about the results in clear detail.


My daughter and I found that this was a true reflection of our initial thoughts and this has very much confirmed it for us. We feel that we have something solid to work with in terms of what pathway she can now pursue in her schooling and career choices.


I would highly recommend Tracey's service to all students and even any adults.


Thank you Tracey!"

"Thanks Tracey, that was really helpful and given me a lot to think about.  I feel excited about my career options!"  
Year 13 Student

"Good session!  Clear, well structured and made so much sense.  Great to know now how I can help my daughter find a career rather than driving her to make a choice." 
Parent of Year 12 student

"Wow I wish I had this information when I was trying to decide on a career all those years ago - would have saved me a lot of heartache.  Thanks that was REALLY good."  
Parent of Year 12 student

"That was cool. Now I know what I am really interested in for a career...u rock :)
Year 13 Prefect

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