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Young woman overlooking city scape representing career opportunities for students & recent graduates

Career coaching for students

Get clear about life after school and university in New Zealand

The path to your future career is clear

Welcome to Career Matters:

Empowering young people to choose rewarding careers

Give your young adult the gift of career confidence


Are you anxious about your child’s career prospects?

Do you want to see them thrive in a career they love?

Would you like to help without telling them what to do?

Do you feel unequipped to offer career advice?


You’ve come to the right place.


Welcome to Career Matters™, a career coaching service for teenagers and young people in New Zealand.


I’m Tracey Beard, a certified career coach. I’m passionate about empowering young people to make smart career choices.  


Using a combination of psychometric testing, intuitive coaching and extensive knowledge of today’s job market, I help young people choose a career path that suits their personality, draws on their strengths, and fills them with a sense of passion and purpose.

How it works


Step one: Career Quiz

A comprehensive online career assessment will uncover your child’s strengths, hidden talents, personality traits, interests, preferences, and personal work style.


Step two: Career Coaching

An intuitive career coaching session with you and your child will help your child feel confident in their abilities, articulate their goals, and explore their potential.


Step three: Empowerment

You will walk away with a plan of action and feel energised, motivated, and confident about your child’s future.


 Book a free consultation now to help your child:


  • Find their purpose

  • Discover their skills & talents

  • Choose a career that fills them up

  • Get excited about their future


Book now.

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Finalist of the 2018 BDO Professional Services Award
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