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We work with a number of different groups to help you achieve your dreams. Below are some of our key partners.

Holley Ebony Styling

I have partnered with Holley Ebony Styling in Christchurch, to help my clients put their best foot forward in their careers. Once you have identified your best-fit career with me and found your dream role, now you need to look the part. This is where Holley Ebony Styling can help!

"Professional Styling Package" - $300, 2HR Package

Holley will identify some stores that suit your wardrobe needs and she will visit the stores prior to your appointment, to select outfits for you - this maximises your styling time.


Holley will ask you to try on various combinations, explaining how they work with your body type and personal colour palette, tailoring her selections to your particular "Professional" workplace.


If you look like you already work for the company and industry you want to be apart of, you are 80% there + Confidence and Positive body language. If you wish to return at a later date to make purchases, you are at your leisure to do so.


For more info, contact Holley on

Career Coaching for Adults!


When I am working with students and helping them in finding their best fit career, I often get asked by their parents to help them in terms of changing their career direction or stepping up to another level in their profession.


This is when I call on Alyson Garrido, a skilled career coach based in Wellington who works with adult clients all over the world. She works 1:1 with clients, runs career workshops and uses her extensive HR experience to help you power up your job search.


You can contact Alyson here:


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