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When you align what you do with who you are, you become what you need


Passionate About Inspiring Young Adults

Certified Career Coach · Chief Encouragement Officer · Mother


You’re here because you want the best for your child. I know – me too. I’m deeply passionate about helping young people find their ‘why’ in the world. That’s my why.


I'm Tracey Beard, a certified career coach with a background in human resources.

I empower young people to embark on rewarding careers that play to their strengths and fill them with purpose.

Because life’s too short (and study is too expensive!) to settle for anything less.

It all began after the Christchurch earthquakes...


In the challenging years after the quakes, I saw many students lose their motivation to succeed. They became overwhelmed and started questioning the point of completing a qualification.


I began using a career-based personality assessment to help these students get excited again about their future, and I never stopped. The quakes may be over, but young people are still facing a lot of uncertainty. The workforce is changing rapidly, but I believe there is a great career path for everyone.


You can trust me to provide objective, evidence-based advice


My key philosophies are “knowledge is power” and “when we know better, we do better.” A coaching session with me can give your child the confidence to choose a career path that suits their aspirations and provide you with peace of mind that they are on the right track.


In a nutshell, Career Matters exists to:


  • Help young people find their ‘why’ in the world

  • Educate parents about the future of the workforce

  • Get young people excited about their potential

  • Kick-start fulfilling careers, one young person at a time

  • Advocate for a new generation of workers


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